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Today is July 4th, which means WPBeginner is officially 8 years old— it’s hard to believe I’m typing this!

As I do every year, I’d want to take a few minutes to conduct a quick overview of everything that’s going on in business and in my personal life.

The Initiation of WPBeginner

As a 16-year-old WordPress user, my goal when starting WPBeginner was to make the platform simple for newcomers.

During this time period, WPBeginner has grown to be one of the most useful free WordPress resource sites.
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The WPBeginner tale can be found on our about page for those of you who are new.

Updates on your life, both personally and professionally

Life as a new father — Despite his age, Solomon is a lot of fun. To my surprise, having a mom has driven me to improve my delegation skills to new heights.
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I was invited to dinner with Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, completely out of the blue. Several national officials and top entrepreneurs, such as Shahid Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, attended the event, which was held in the Treasury building.
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I also received the Pakistani News Channel’s (GeoTV) Technology Award, where I got to sit down and meet with Pakistan’s new US Ambassador.

The latest posts from WPBeginner

WPBeginner’s growth has remained in the double digits thanks to all of you (year over year). A few noteworthy changes have occurred since last year, and those are the ones I’d want to emphasise.

Redesign of WPBeginner

Our new website design was unveiled in November 2016 and has been a huge success. Among the many changes were our giant guides, which I promised in last year’s update but didn’t deliver on.
To make things easier, we’ve put up tutorials on how to increase the speed and security of WordPress, as well as how to optimise its search engine optimization (SEO).

In the following months, we plan to create more big manuals.

A More Robust WPBeginner Architecture

There have been several emails since the redesign asking about the WPBeginner’s fast speed secrets.

Our server architecture must be continually upgraded as WPBeginner expands. While at HostGator last year, I worked on an unique infrastructure for WPBeginner, which is housed in numerous data centres for redundancy.
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Hosting with HostGator since 2007 for myself and WPBeginner since day one (see my full HostGator review). Thanks to everyone who helped with the upgrading, especially David and Patrick and Matt and Yannis and Chris and Taylor and Mike and Alfred.

Our firewall is Sucuri, and our CDN provider is MaxCDN, both of which have a significant impact on the overall speed of our website.

For the last but not least, because they are one of the fastest in the business, we employ DNSMadeEasy as a DNS service provider.

Our YouTube channel’s growth has been fueled by the weekly addition of new videos. Our subscriber base has grown to over 62,000, with over 8.2 million video views to date (this is double what we had last year).
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Please subscribe to WPBeginner on YouTube if you haven’t already (it’s free). By the time I write this next year, I hope to have over 100,000 subscribers.

Showcases every week

We’ve received numerous requests for theme displays over the last few years. In order to achieve our goal of holding showcases every Friday, we set a goal for ourselves for this year.

It’s been a success so far, and we hope to hold similar exhibitions in the future.

New Releases of Products
WPBeginner is behind a product almost every week, and the reader didn’t know it. Even the main menu now has a page for items.

Over 3 million websites are now using our WordPress plugins. The following are some noteworthy alterations:


To create the most user-friendly WordPress form plugin possible, we built WPForms, a drag-and-drop form builder, last year. I believe we’re doing a commendable job thus far.

1.1 million people have downloaded it and over 300,00 websites are using it. And the best thing is that we’ve received over 652 five-star ratings, giving us an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

In order to use it, go to the WPForms website and click on “Install Now”.

Please give it a shot and see for yourself why it’s so popular!


We bought Yoast’s most popular WordPress Google Analytics plugin last year and renamed it MonsterInsights to reflect this. There are several upgrades that I’m really happy of, especially the Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking and Affiliate link tracking.

Consider purchasing the MonsterInsights Pro edition if you’re a serious entrepreneur because it will allow you to unlock a wealth of information in your Google Analytics that will help you grow your company.


Our main product, OptinMonster, just released version 4.0.

A redesigned dashboard, sub-accounts with access management, an improved design workflow, and much more were all included in the new release.

Abandoned website visitors can be converted into new subscribers with OptinMonster. You’re losing subscribers every day you don’t use it.

a gallery called Envira

This year, Envira Gallery installed over 100,000 new systems. With this plugin, you get the most out of WordPress’s gallery system while also saving time.

Addons range from a highlighted content gallery to WooCommerce and Lightroom. Our team is hard at work on the next iteration of Envira, and I couldn’t be more excited.